Reformer Pilates Classes

Spartans Reformer has a range of classes suited to your needs. Whether you have never done Pilates before or practice regularly, we have classes suited to you in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne area.


all levels of fitness welcome (progressions and regressions available), focusing on strength and endurance exercises to feel that Pilates burn! PREGNANCY SAFE


focus mostly on stretching, mobility and core activation, leaving you feeling rejuvenated! PREGANCY SAFE.


aim to increase your heart rate and get your sweat on, focusing on cardio and HIIT style exercises. PREGNANCY SAFE.

Reformer Combo

A mix of Reformer Pilates and Bootcamp style training, with Reformer and floor-based exercises for the ultimate strength & high intensity workout!

Strong Seniors

Catered to the elderly age group, focusing on promoting movement and reducing risk of injuries in a safe and supportive environment.


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Join us now or if you just want to have a go click the link below. We cant wait to see you

“I started classes at Spartans Reformer Pilates a few weeks ago and I am really enjoying it. The instructors are fantastic and have made me feel very comfortable catering to my beginner level. The studio is beautiful, clean & in a great location. Couldn’t recommend it enough 🙌🏻"


"The reformer pilates classes here are great, and much more affordable than otehr pilates gyms in the Kilsyth and Croydon area's. I highly recommend them."


"I've been a member of Spartans Warrior Zone now for over a year and love the reformer pilates classes that you get as part of your membership"