Pilates Childminding

About our childminding classes at Spartans Reformer Pilates.

Child-Friendly Classes

All of our 8:30am, 9:30am and weekend classes are child-friendly, meaning you are able to bring your little one along to the studio as long as they are able to remain in a carrier/pram or are independent and remain in the front portion of the studio.

As the parent, you still hold full responsibility for your child during the class if any disruptions are to occur.

Child-Minding Classes

Looking for some ‘you’ time but don’t have anyone to look after your child to make it happen?

For only $7 per child per session, our nanny will take over so you can workout stress free in our childminding sessions!

Our beautiful child minding space is well equipped with toys to create a fun and safe space for them to play and be looked after during your class.

Mums & Bubs

This class is specifically tailored to pre & post natal women, focusing on areas such as rebuilding the pelvic floor.

This is a women’s only class to ensure a safe and supportive environment for new Mum’s or Mum’s to be!

Note that all of our other classes are also pregnancy safe and can be altered to where you are in your pregnancy, however this is the only class with a specific tailored program.

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“I started classes at Spartans Reformer Pilates a few weeks ago and I am really enjoying it. The instructors are fantastic and have made me feel very comfortable catering to my beginner level. The studio is beautiful, clean & in a great location. Couldn’t recommend it enough 🙌🏻"


"The reformer pilates classes here are great, and much more affordable than otehr pilates gyms in the Kilsyth and Croydon area's. I highly recommend them."


"I've been a member of Spartans Warrior Zone now for over a year and love the reformer pilates classes that you get as part of your membership"